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Dexter O’Neal

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From my earliest memories I wanted to be a singer/performer. By age of 3, my grandmother had me singing in little one-room Churches in Ferriday Louisiana (where I was born) every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.
By 5 my parents had moved to Bloomington, Illinois where I grew up singing in Mt Pisgah Baptist Church.  What great singers they had and still have. Community Theatre came along as a pre-teen. I learned everything from stage presence to the Charleston thanks to those talented actors. I also learn how to drink coffee by the age of 10 but that is another story. My teenage years brought a couple of State Titles in Vocal Jazz and Choral music. I also was seated highly at nationals.
Years 18 through 21 brought the Air Force and their performing bands. I got to see the world and sing for so many great audiences. After my service tour was over I began looking for the big time…if there is such a thing.
I began the long road of touring, recording, and working my way into the industry.  I spent 5 years in Austin Texas and 5 years in Philadelphia PA. Being able to sing throughout the country and connecting with audiences has brought me the greatest joy.
I learned my craft by ear, which has been a tremendous asset. However, as an adult I pursued the academic side of music to balance my knowledge. But I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I decided to see what I could do with a guitar. Turns out I enjoy playing it as much as I do singing.
I ‘ve opened for Ashford and Simpson, The Temptations, Average White Band, Boosty Collins,  and Reggie Calloway (Midnight Star).  I had musical encounters (which mean I’ve sang with or for once) with Jerry Garcia, Phil Perry, Patti Labelle, Jeff Beck Band and numerous more.
I love what it is I do. It truly comes from my heart. I hope you enjoy what I create musically for you.
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